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Fees and loan periods

Loan Periods

All items are three week issues except from Best Sellers and DVDs which are a one week issue, and interloans whose loan period differs on an individual basis.

Fees and Charges

Using the library is free, apart from these fees and charges:

Rental Items:

Best Sellers
$3.00  (1 week issue)
$3.00  (1 week issue)
Rental Fiction
$1.00  (3 week issue)


Overdue DVDs and Best Sellers
$1.00 per item per day
Final Overdue Notice Fee
$5.00 (charged if the library is required to send three overdue notices to you for item/s).
Replacement Library Card/s
Adult member       $2.00 per card
Junior member      $1.00 per card
Interloans (outside Kaipara area)
Books, DVDs and articles $10.00 per item from Libraries with reciprocal agreements, $25 from Libraries without reciprocal agreements.
Lost/Damaged items
Replacement cost or mending fee charged per item plus a $5.00 admin fee

Photocopying Charges - Self-Service:

Black and white:  
A4 sheet
$0.20 each
A3 sheet
$0.40 each
A4 sheet
$3.50 each
A3 sheet
$6.00 each
Fax: $1 National $3 International
(Double-sided is double the price)

Printing from internet computer:

$0.20 per page
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