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Tourism in Kaipara

Kaipara’s stunning natural environment, distinctive rural character and rich history make it a great place to visit and explore.  Attractions include the Kaipara Harbour with its many seaside villages and camp grounds, the Matakohe and Dargaville Museums, Kai Iwi Lakes, Kauri Forests and Ripiro Beach (the longest drivable beach in the country). 

Kaipara District Council endeavours to foster tourism through its support of Information Centres and establishment of a Cycle Trail from Auckland, via Pouto and Dargaville, to the Hokianga Harbour and the Far North.  Council also supports initiatives to connect the District with the Kaipara Harbour through provision of boat ramps, wharves and other coastal facilities.

Council is willing to work with tourism operators and community groups to help enhance the District as a tourist destination.  Council has developed a Community Assistance Policy to support projects that enhance the Kaipara’s communities.  The Policy allows Council to support community initiatives through the granting of Licences to Occupy (allowing community groups to make use of Council land), Contracts for Service (where Council pays community groups to provide a service to the community), Discretionary Grants (one-off financial grants for either Capital or Operational assistance) and grants from the Mayoral Fund and Mangawhai Endowment Lands Account.  For more information see the Community Assistance Policy.
Tourist information on the Kauri Coast:
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Tourist information on Mangawhai:

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