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Climate and Soil Data

This represents a  joint project between Kaipara District Council, Far North District Council, NIWA, Land Research, Crop and Food Research and Horticulture Research to identify potential land use change in the Hokianga and western Kaipara region.

Climate Soil Crop InformationClimate, Soil, and Crop Information for Identifying Potential Land Use Change in the Hokianga and Western Kaipara Region

This document contains information collected as part of a project to broadly map the climate and interpret the soils in the western Kaipara and Hokianga regions of Northland, in order to identify potential cropping areas.  It is a companion document to several maps of the climate, soil and suitability of selected crops, which can be accessed by hyperlinks contained within the text.

The crops examined in this study are avocado, banana, blueberry, cherimoya, fig, hydrangea, Mâori potato, manuka (for oil), mate tea and peanut.  It is shown that there is potential for growing all of these crops in at least some part of the study region.  Information provided for each of these crops includes a summary of market potential and other reasons for interest, experience to date with growing them in New Zealand, infrastructure requirements and basic growing requirements.

It is emphasized that successful commercial production of a new crop depends on these market, infrastructure and management factors as well as on suitable climate and soil conditions.

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