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How Much Will It Cost?

Council operates a user-pays policy for processing all Consent applications so you will pay a deposit/lodgement fee when you submit an application. Your application will not be processed until this lodgement fee has been received.

Once a decision has been notified, if total processing costs are more than the deposit, you will be asked to pay the balance of costs incurred in processing your application. The total amount will vary depending on a number of factors including the accuracy and amount of information you provide and whether or not your application needs to be publicly or limited notified.

The actual and reasonable costs are the cost of Council staff time and consultant time plus the cost of any disbursements. Staff time is calculated according to a schedule of hourly rates which are outlined in our Fees and Charges document.

What can I do to reduce the processing costs involved?
  • Talk to us before you prepare your application by organising a pre-application meeting. The first half hour is free of charge.

  • Do your research and work through the District Plan.

  • Amend your proposal where possible to reduce the number of breaches of the District Plan rules.

  • Apply for all required consents up front.

  • Obtain written approvals from affected parties before lodging your application when required.

  • Consult with local Iwi if your proposal involves culturally significant sites or areas.

  • Ensure that forms are complete and the correct supporting material is included 

    Download our Fees and Charges 2016/2017

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