Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) is the responsibility of everyone.

It should be part of our everyday life. We need to know the hazards that affect us, what their effects are, how we will survive their impacts and how we will fix the results of those impacts; commonly known as the 4R's.

  • Reduction (learning about the hazard and reducing the risk)

  • Readiness (commonsense procedures to prepare for an event)

  • Response (looking after ourselves and people in distress during an event)

  • Recovery (The co-ordinated efforts and processes to effect the immediate, medium and long term holistic regeneration of a community following an emergency)

In the event of a Civil Defence emergency listen to your local radio station for information and educate yourself about what to do by reading our Civil Defence web pages. You can also check out this website regularly.


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