Lake Waikare Event Centre

Lake Waikare Event Centre
Located at Lake Waikare, Kai Iwi Lakes (Taharoa Domain) the former Water Ski Clubrooms is now a Council-owned facility under the co-governance of the Taharoa Domain Governance Committee.  The building is available as a venue for public and community events such as: 
  • Sporting events e.g. waka ama races, dragon boat races etcetera;
  • Educational events e.g. the annual Whitebait Connection Kai Iwi Lakes Open Day;
  • School/Scout camps;
  • Hui/symposiums/meetings;
  • Training courses e.g. first aid courses, kaitiaki water monitoring toolkit courses etcetera and;
  • Weddings or birthday parties.
Please note it is a no-alcohol venue.  Bookings can be made through Council’s Kai Iwi Campground online booking system or email or telephone (09) 439 0986.

The Centre has 4 tables, 24 chairs and cooking utensils, cutlery and plates for 20 people.  The fees are as follows:
Private/profit-making group rate Community group rate Social services/voluntary rate
$300 for 24 hours $150 for 24 hours $100 for 24 hours
$60 per hour $30 per hour $20 per hour
$300 bond $150 bond No bond

By prior arrangement with Council, camping overnight at the rear of the building for people associated with your event is permitted.  Additional camping fees will apply.


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