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Kaipara District Plan (Operative 01 November 2013)

The Kaipara District Plan controls how the District develops and is managed. Council is proud to announce an important milestone has been reached with the District Plan.  Appeals to the Plan have now all been settled, so it is now Operative.  All of Variation 1 Outstanding Natural Landscapes is also settled and is also operative except for one appeal point which relates to one property.

A new version of the District Plan is available on this website.

The Kaipara District Plan webpages have been set up to provide you with the following information as it becomes available:

Variation 1: Outstanding Natural Landscapes

Variation 1: Landscapes identifies and seeks to protect outstanding natural landscapes. Protection of these outstanding landscapes means that the generations who follow will get to enjoy and hold as special what we here in the Kaipara currently enjoy and hold as special. Examples of this would be Tokatoka, the West Coast and the Brynderwyns.

Status of Variation 1:

  • Notified: 02 December 2010
  • Submissions closed: 28 February 2011
  • Further Submissions closed: Tuesday 07 June 2011
  • Hearings were held: from Tuesday 29 November to Thursday 08 December 2011
  • Decisions released: Friday 06 July 2012
  • Appeal period: 30 working days until approximately mid August 2012
  • Decisions notified: Friday 06 July 2012
  • Mediations have happended: December 2012
  • All of the appeal topics are now settled except for one appeal point: 25 September 2013
Council received approximately 550 submissions and 56 further submissions.

The Summary of Submissions and Further Submissions Report can be viewed here.

Landscape Technical Report 2010 can be viewed here.

Decision Report plus Decision Version of Variation 1 can be viewed here

Eight appeals have been lodged with the Environment Court.  Click this link to view the Appeal documents
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