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Kaipara District Plan (Operative 01 November 2013)

The Kaipara District Plan (the District Plan) provides the means for the people of the Kaipara District to
manage sustainably the effects of use, development and protection of the natural and physical resources
of the District.

The Resource Management Act 1991 defines natural and physical resources to include 'land, water, air,
soil, minerals, and energy, all forms of plants and animals (whether native to New Zealand or introduced),
and all structures'.

The District Plan is prepared by the Kaipara District Council in response to its obligations under the
Resource Management Act 1991. The District Plan includes Objectives, Policies and Methods to achieve
the integrated management of the effects of the use, development or protection (as appropriate), of land
and associated natural and physical resources of the District.

The District Plan meets the statutory provisions of the Resource Management Act, particularly Part 2,
Sections 31, 72 and 75, and Schedule 1. Section 31 sets out the functions that territorial authorities have
in terms of how the Resource Management Act is put into effect. The Plan has been prepared in
accordance with the process defined in Section 32 of the Act.

The purpose, function and contents of the District Plan are directed towards achieving the purpose of the
Resource Management Act (defined by Part 2), which is ‘to promote the sustainable management of
natural and physical resources’.
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