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Fire Rule Plan Change 2 - Update and proposed new approach





Consultation, Wastewater Drainage Policy and Bylaw

Statement of Proposal - Wastewater Drainage Policy and Wastewater Drainage Bylaw 2016

Council would like more feedback on the Wastewater Drainage Policy and Wastewater Drainage Bylaw Statement of Proposal. Therefore the submission period has been extended to 4.30pm Monday 01 August 2016.


Kaipara District Council has recently reviewed its Wastewater Drainage Policy 2009 (the ‘Policy’) and Wastewater Drainage Bylaw 2009 (the ‘Bylaw’). The Wastewater Policy and Bylaw 2009 seek to protect public health and to regulate wastewater discharges and protect the structures and infrastructure associated with a public wastewater system.

The original policy covered public wastewater systems. Through this review it is proposed to also address individual on-site wastewater systems within priority areas within the Kaipara District.

Reticulated Wastewater systems (public systems)

With regards to public wastewater systems the policy and bylaw contains the following main elements:
  • Ensuring that the wastewater drainage is managed in a way that is appropriate for both the community and the wider environment;
  • Clarifying issues such as responsibilities of owners of houses using common drains;
  • Setting clear guidelines and providing information to the public;
  • Assisting Council staff in achieving compliance in a fair and straightforward manner; and
  • Enabling Council to curb the damage and misuse of the drainage assets through enforcement of the Bylaw.
These elements have been retained from the original 2009 Policy and Bylaw.

Proposed amendments – Individual On-site wastewater inspection and maintenance (WOF) regime

With ongoing concerns around failing onsite wastewater systems and the effect they may have on the environment and public health, the reviewed Bylaw proposes to introduce an inspection and maintenance (WOF) regime. This is to ensure that any failing systems are identified and the impact on the environment and public health are minimised and addressed proactively.

This regime will be applied to all Residentially zoned areas as identified in the Kaipara District Plan, and to all land irrespective of zoning that is 300m from the east coast/west coast, 300m from the Mangawhai and Kaipara Harbours and 300m from the Kai Iwi Lakes.


The submission period closes at 4.30pm on Monay 01 August 2016. 

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Wastewater policy and bylaw Statement of Proposal

Statement of Proposal Summary

Public Notice

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Feedback, Annual Plan 2016/2017 Consultation Document information

See the links for the consultation document and source documents. Feedback period has now closed.  


Consultation document

Source documents

Annual Plan 2016/17 Consultation & Source Documents



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