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Application Forms



Public Information

  • Click Here to view Public Information on Project Information Memorandum (PIM), Building Consent, Inspections and Building Work Certification.

Application Forms


Creative Communities NZ







Health and Liquor

  • Application Hawker, Itinerant, Stand or Stall Trader July 2013
  • Application Mobile Shop
  • Application Health Licence New Registration of Premise
  • Application Renewal of Health Licence
  • Application Transfer of Health Licence
  • General Manager or Club Managers Certificate Application (Temporarily unavailable*)
  • Application One Day Event
  • Application Registration of Offensive Trades
  • Liquor Licence - Temporary Authority Application (Temporarily unavailable*)
  • Liquor Licence: Special Licence Premises Application (Temporarily unavailable*)
  • Liquor Licence: Licence Renewals - On Licence; Off Licence; Club Licence (Temporarily unavailable*)
  • Liquor Licence: On Licence Premises Application (Temporarily unavailable*)
  • Liquor Licence: Off Licence Premises Application (Temporarily unavailable*)
  • Liquor Licence: On Licence Club Application (Temporarily unavailable*)
* First Point of Council Contact for Temporarily Unavailable documents above:  Rachel Sheppard, 0800 100 388 extn 605
Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

A brief summary of the key provisions of the new Act, the changes to be aware of and a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that will be useful to anyone sourcing liquor information is available HERE.

*Please note that the following three forms are administered by the MOH, and are placed here for your convenience.



Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

Long Term Plan - Kaipara’s Future Working Together



No Spray Zone



Rapid Numbers


Resource Consents



Vehicle Crossings