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History and Project Overview

History and Project Overview

In 2009, the MCWWS was commissioned.  It services part of the Mangawhai Drainage District through a reticulated network of pipes connecting properties to the treatment plant.  A further network of pipes connects the plant to a holding dam on Browns Road Farm. 

Disposal occurs through a further network of pipes on the Farm that distributes treated water on fields covering part of available farmland.  The capacity of the plant can cater for about twice the number of current connections.  Disposal capacity through the current irrigation reticulation is at its limit.  In order to increase connections to the plant, the reticulation needs to be extended to other parts of the drainage area and the disposal capacity needs to also increase. 

There are a number of options for how the reticulation network is extended, how the capacity for disposal is increased and how the extension is funded.  Decisions on the preferred option are required.
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